Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Friday we had a rheumy appointment and we've officially been classified as being in unmedicated remission!!!!  I wasn't expecting this until next month, I thought that the timeline was the same as medicated remission, 6 months after stopping a medication.  More good news is she's nearing 30 pounds and is in the 50th percentile for her weight and we don't have to go back to see the rheumy for 6 months! 

This was by far my favorite Christmas present this year :) Luckily my family was still here visiting to share the joyful day with us. We ate JuneBugs favorite dinner, had a princess tea party with our friends, and ate lots of Christmas cookies and candy and just enjoyed the moment. 

Cookies for Santa!
I'm still trying to process the news, it's a lot to take in for this Mama.  I've always described her as "medically complicated" given everything that she's gone through, and now she's just Mia, a stubborn and snotty 2 and a half year old. I no longer have to explain why she's tiny and needs supplements, why her skin is covered in pink splotches, why we have to bring a med bag wherever we go, I don't have to plan outings and weekends around a medication schedule, I don't have to deal with the eye rolling from the people at the ER when I bring her in for "just a fever", I don't have to ask new friends if their children are vaccinated before she can be around them. 

It's like a whole new beginning, we can just be us.  A Mama and her 3 amazing babes. I feel like I can breath again.

Of course I have to remind myself that she can flare again but there is also the possibility that she may not.  Regardless, we will celebrate every day with kisses, hugs, cookies, and endless amounts of love just as we have since JuneBug first came home from the hospital.

I will continue to post updates, they may not be as frequent as before, but not having a lot of updates is a good thing.  It means she's growing and learning like every other child, and without pain or medications.  And after writing this blog biweekly for 2 years, it will be nice to take a break and not think about past challenges or setbacks or speculate about the future.  Maybe I will squeeze in a monthly wordless Wednesday with pictures of my beautiful girl :) Either way we will update on all our fun and adventures!

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  1. Oh, this warms my heart. What a sweet little girl, I'm so glad that she will be able to be just a little girl in the new year.