Monday, March 4, 2013

JAM 2013

Holy smokes JAM was fun!!!  I haven't been to the Mall of America since I was a kid and I forgot how enormous it is.  I think I heard there were around 2,000 people there.  I'm from a small Wisconsin town, I've never been a big fan of crowds so it was a bit intimidating.  I think the total raised that day was just shy of $140,000!!  I am so excited we got to be a part of it. 

Our team raised $1,015!!!  We dressed as "Where The Wild Things Are" with Mia as "Max", it was adorable.
Not the greatest picture quality but left to right it's me, Lily, Theron, Kirsten, Sissy, and Mia

Mama and her little monster

Gummy holding Mia and big cousin Lily
After the walk we hit the theme park, had lunch, and did the aquarium. If anyone gets to the Mall of America I highly recommend the aquarium.  They had 15 foot sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, tons of really cool exhibits!  Mia was pretty silent through the entire thing, she would look up at the giant sharks swimming above us and was completely in awe.  Every so often she would whisper "kiss" in my ear and wanted a smooch, which I'm always happy to give out.  

By this time we had been in the mall a total of 7 hours, I can't believe Mia made it that long!  She did nap in the stroller for a little over an hour but that's still a long time for any kid.  I was ready to relax so we headed back to the hotel for some swimming and dinner. Poor Mia was just completely exhausted from the day so we laid low and snuggled the rest of the night. 
Mia watching all the fun at the theme park
It was so fun spending time with Kirsten and her fiance Theron.  She's Mia's friend who has Still's Disease, what they call SoJIA when you're an adult.  By Sunday morning I was more than ready to pack up and head home.  Traveling is fun, but with toddlers it's just so exhausting for both Mama and baby.  Plus I was really missing my boys :)  Mia slept almost the entire 3 hour drive home. 
Mama's sleepy little monster
Getting away is fun once in awhile, but coming home is always the best part.  Just the excitement from the boys, hearing them yell "MAMA'S HOME MAMA'S HOME!!!" before I even walk in the door, their little feet jumping up and down, ripping through the bags to see what I brought them.  It melts a Mama's heart and reminds me that THIS is my favorite place to be, home with all my babies.

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