Monday, February 4, 2013

Sick of Being Sick!

My poor girl has been pretty sick for the last week. 

It started with a fever and cough, I congratulated myself for not freaking out and rushing to the ER and she was over it in 2 days. Three days later it was time for her shot, still coughing a bit but no fever so I figured it would be fine.  The next day the sickness is back in full force and Mia is miserable.  The cough was so tight and painful sounding, fever, runny nose, goopy eyes, and fatigue.

Her disease is caused by an over active immune system
Chemotherapy takes the immune system down a few notches
Taking down the immune system means she gets sick more
Getting sick can cause her disease to flare
Pretty horrible cycle right???
So off to the walk in where I knew I would have to be that aggressive annoying mama who refuses to leave until they've done every test I want and demands specific medications. I don't like being that mama, but I'm not willing to leave without an antibiotic and ruling out anything that could potentially be very dangerous for her.  In this case it was RSV, flu, or pneumonia. All Negative. 

Then the walk-in doctor tries to lecture me on supplements and changing Mia's diet.  I understand your heart is in the right place lady, and you do have an MD after your name, but I am an expert on Mia and I'm pretty sure if changing her diet was the answer her rheumy would have let me in on that little secret and she'd be cured right now.  So thanks, but I'm going to keep doing what we're doing because it seems to be working just fine. 

Sick but still smiling!!
This is actually the most sick she's been since her diagnosis a little over a year ago. My freak out meter is probably a 7 out of 10 at the moment.  Neither of us has been sleeping well and now we'll be adding midnight dates with the nebulizer, luckily Mama doesn't need to wake Mia for those :) And I got the big gun antibiotic that I requested so I'm really hoping to see at least a 50% improvement tomorrow morning, fingers crossed!!!!

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