Friday, February 22, 2013

Cookies for a Cure

Last week I held a fundraiser at my work for our upcoming trip to Minneapolis to attend JAM (juvenile arthritis march). I held casual days for a donation and a Valentines Day bake sale and raised $800!! My co-workers and employer are AMAZING!  I really can't say enough good things about them, they've stood by me through everything with Mia.  All the long absences when we were hospitalized, our many many appointments every month, they've always been Mia's cheerleaders.
Thank you to everyone who helped with the fundraiser!  I think Sissy was in the kitchen the entire week before the sale :)
Adorable little cheesecakes

Everything was perfect!

Mia enjoyed her brownie :)
Next weekend is JAM and I'm beyond excited!  I've got 3 pretty amazing arthritis hero's on my team :) Sissy, Kirsten, and of course my Mia.  I'm excited to hopefully connect with other families and see Mia interact with kids who are just like her.  Mia has been feeling great so I know this is going to be a wonderful trip! 
117 more days until medicated remission!!

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